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About UC Irvine Radiology Department

About the Department of Radiological Sciences

The Department of Radiological Sciences at UC Irvine's School of Medicine is dedicated to conducting leading-edge research, providing the highest quality clinical education and delivering state-of-the-art care to our patients through the advanced diagnosis and treatment of disease through biomedical research.

Groundbreaking research

The doctors of the Department of Radiological Sciences are a combination of physician, scientist and UC faculty member; all are committed to providing the highest quality and most advanced patient care available. The unique educational and research environment of the UC Irvine School of Medicine and UC Irvine Medical Center allows us to foster groundbreaking biomedical imaging research with the potential to significantly improve diagnostic imaging and lifesaving interventional radiologic procedures.

200,000 exams annually

The department, which includes 38 board-certified radiologists, 24 residents, multiple subspecialty fellows and nine basic scientists, performs approximately 200,000 radiological exams per year through the utilization of all imaging modalities which include conventional radiography, angiography, ultrasonography, CT, MRI and nuclear medicine. With access to some of the most advanced technology available, including a 64-channel PET/CT scanner, high-field MRI scanners, digital mammography and brand-new, diagnostic imaging procedure suites, UC Irvine’s radiologists diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, including liver tumors, strokes and uterine fibroids.

Our radiologists are subspecialized, possessing advanced expertise in specialties such as molecular imaging, musculoskeletal imaging and breast imaging. Such specialized knowledge results in better and more effective patient care. Thus, our department is frequently called upon to provide specialty interpretations for imaging centers throughout California.

Dedicated to education

Along with providing outstanding patient care, the Department of Radiological Sciences is dedicated to educating current and future radiologists in the newest technologies and medical techniques. Our vast collection of books and teaching files, in combination with our lectures and facilities, act as vital tools for advanced education in radiology. We have highly experienced faculty members who will take a personal interest and devote their time to teaching. As a result, the department has trained nearly 300 board-certified radiologists, many of whom have gone on to leadership positions at other hospitals.

At the forefront

Our department scientists and physicians are constantly working to develop new technologies and imaging techniques that will become the medical imaging examinations and medical interventions of tomorrow.

With its emphasis on thorough, compassionate healthcare, advanced technology, in-depth teaching and leading-edge research, UC Irvine’s Department of Radiological Sciences is at the forefront of medical care.