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Graduating and Past Residents


Kevin Bui Interventional Radiology UCSD
Alexander Lam Interventional Radiology University of Virginia
Maryam Soltanolkotabi Musculoskeletal Radiology University of Utah
Matthew Thompson Neuroradiology UC Irvine
Albert Yang Musculoskeletal Radiology USC
Lily Yang  Musculoskeletal Radiology Cedars Sinai  


Andrew Chang Musculoskeletal Radiology Brigham and Women's Hospital
Kip Green Interventional Radiology University of Washington
Raj Khalsa Interventional Radiology Oregon Health & Science University
Huan Nguyen Abdominal Imaging USC
Tan Nguyen Musculoskeletal Radiology UCSD
Jason Rothschild Musculoskeletal Radiology University of Pittsburgh 


Mari Bozoghlanian Breast Imaging UCLA
Pooya Iranpour Nuclear Medicine Washington University/Mallinckrodt
Helen Kim Pediatric Radiology Harvard/Boston Children's Hospital
Yasuyuki Pham Neuroradiology UC Irvine
George Rapp Interventional USC
Jeanie Zhang Body Imaging UCSF


Eleanor Chu  Neuroradiology UC Irvine
Sumudu Dissanayake Cardiovascular Imaging/Intervention USC
Mark Franke Neuroradiology UCLA
Sepand Salehian Neuroradiology University of Texas, Southwestern
Aydin Soheili Musculoskeletal UCSD
John Sutherland Musculoskeletal UC Davis


Michael Cody Musculoskeletal Harvard/Brigham & Women's Hospital
Mitch Ermentrout Interventional Emory University
Scott Fujimoto Interventional Loma Linda University
Armando Garza Neuroradiology UC Irvine
David Nakamura Musculoskeletal UC Davis
Ravi Venkatesh Neuroradiology UCLA


Levi Dansby Interventional Northwestern
David Floriolli Neuroradiology UC Irvine
Mehdi Jalili Musculoskeletal UCSD
Stellios Karnezis Neuroradiology UCLA
Mark Mamlouk Neuroradiology UCSF
Phillip Reich Body Imaging UCSF


Laura Allen Neuroradiology UCLA
Omar Arafat Body Imaging/Interventional UCLA
Jason Barksdale Musculoskeletal UCSD
Reza Shahbaz Interventional UC Irvine
Irene Shmayevich Body Imaging/Interventional Cedars Sinai
Jaspreet Singh Body Imaging UC Irvine


Trien Dang Body Imaging UCSF
Maryam Golshan Musculoskeletal UC Irvine
Asha Goud Emergency Radiology Harvard/Brigham & Women's Hospital
Skyler Greene Interventional UCLA
Michael Kim Neuroradiology USC
Jed Santa Maria Body Imaging Stanford


Jennifer Daly Body & Breast Imaging USC
Steve Hom Body Imaging UC Irvine
Samuel Hou Neuroradiology UCLA
Christopher Lee Musculoskeletal USC
Kenneth Meng Breast Imaging Stanford


Omid Bendavid Breast Imaging UCLA
Joseph Kim Body & Mammography UCSF
Andrew Knoll Musculoskeletal UCSD
Joseph Robinson Musculoskeletal Cedars-Sinai
Alfred Sein Body Imaging Cedars-Sinai
Christopher Sherman Breast Imaging MD Anderson
Ray Ter-Oganesyan Interventional Loma Linda


Oganes Ashikyan Musculoskeletal UCLA
Paul Doemeny Musculoskeletal USC
Andrew Yen Cardiothoracic Stanford
Ramana Yedavalli Interventional Washington University/Mallinckrodt
Carol Ann Browning Womens Imaging Emory


Mohammad Helmy Body Imaging UC Irvine
Kevin Chang Body Imaging UC Irvine
Hoon Kang Interventional UCSD
Imelda Ho Body Imaging UC Irvine
Mark Chambers Nuclear Medicine UC Irvine


John Lacunza Body Imaging Northwestern
Bara Mouradi MRI UC Irvine
Raisa Lev Neuroradiology Washington University/Mallinckrodt
Kimberly Ray Women's Imaging UCSF
Larry McNutt Nuclear Medicine Stanford


Jabi Shriki Nuclear Medicine Washington University/Mallinckrodt
Tatiana Voci MRI UC Irvine
Alison Nguyen Musculoskeletal UCSD
Joseph Burns Biomedical Imaging Sciences National Institutes of Health
Musculoskeletal University of Iowa
Stephen Whipple Interventional UC Irvine


Derrick Allen Interventional UCSF
Yale Chung Pediatric Radiology Los Angeles Children's Hospital
Navid Jahed MRI UC Irvine
Amir Khorashadi MRI UC Irvine
Howard Ngo Musculoskeletal UCSD


Michelle Chandler Pediatric Radiology Los Angeles Children's Hospital
Gordon Lai Interventional University of Pennsylvania
Ray Lertvaranurak Thoracic Imaging UCSF
Neuroradiology Stanford
Justin Pham Body Imaging UC Irvine
Christopher Wen MRI UC Irvine


Stephen Kircher Body Imaging University of Texas, Southwestern
Ramana Muthyala Pediatric Radiology Los Angeles Children's Hospital
Manal Schoellerman MRI UCSD
Young Shin Body Imaging USC
Matthew Tran MRI USC


Jeffrey Caverly Body Imaging UC Irvine
Matthew Comay Body Imaging USC
Achilles Karagianis Neuroradiology Harvard/Brigham & Women's Hospital
George Rappard Neuroradiology University of Texas, Southwestern
Edward Wong Emergency Radiology Harvard/Brigham & Women's Hospital