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Research Services

The Department of Radiological Sciences is committed to working with colleagues throughout UC Irvine Health School of Medicine to provide ancillary services for research endeavors that are designed to improve patient care and health outcomes. Our services range from plain radiography to leading-edge imaging techniques in CT, MR, nuclear medicine and ultrasound.

For a smooth collaboration, we have outlined the processes to access our services. We provide assistance in preparing budget and cost analysis for your research projects in close collaboration with Paula Hilbert, a Clinical Research Finance Administration (CRFA) budget analyst.


Complete and submit the  Imaging Assessment Form (including study title, short name, sponsor and name of principal investigator (PI)).

Please include the study protocol, imaging manual (if required and available) and imaging/site qualification surveys (if required by sponsor) with your submission.

  • The research study submission will be reviewed for imaging requirements. After imaging review and assessment, the completed (by Radiology) protocol assessment form will be sent back to the study team and to Paula Hilbert for cost analysis. Our research office will provide assistance to study teams and will be available to address questions and concerns related to the radiology imaging setup.
  • Upon approval of the project by Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA), Paula Hilbert will notify Radiology of study approval.
  • Radiology Research Office will send the approval to the study team. The approval form provides a summary of imaging required and approved by Radiology, along with other informational details (contact persons, etc.). A study-specific research requisition form will be provided to the study team to facilitate patient scheduling.

Review the summary of the approval process here ›


For site surveys required by study sponsors as part of the pre-qualification process for clinical trials, please click on this link to submit: [upload survey]

Please utilize this service, for site qualification survey requests that are independent and not a part of the standard Radiology Imaging Assessment Application.


More information about the CT, MRI, Ultrasound scanners at the UCI Medical Center is available here.


To ensure that the services are ready for your first patient, please alert the research administrator at least two weeks prior to enrolling your first patient. We would like to be ready for enrollment before your first patient arrives for imaging.

Please contact the radiology research team with any questions at 714-456-8516 or by email at


The Department of Radiology is hosting a Research Volunteer Program for medical students, International Medical Graduates, BME engineers, or any healthcare profession interested in gaining experience in clinical research and clinical trials.

Please see here for more information.