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Special Reads and Images

Imaging requirements

When preliminary test images needed to be obtained and sent to a Core Imaging Lab:

  • The cost of the exam will be charged if imaging is performed on a volunteer.
  • If phantom test scans are requested, please have the sponsor provide the phantom and the cost of the exam will be charged.
  • For a CD copy of images, please contact Shirin Heydari, Regulatory Analyst, at Labeling and shipping of the CDs will be the responsibility of the study's coordinator. All CDs will have patient information anonymized. The UC Irvine Health name and logo will remain.
  • For electronic data transfer requests, please contact Pam Singh for recommendations regarding setup at 714-456-8516. This will be under the purview of hospital information technology (IT) in collaboration with radiology IT. Hospital IT fees may apply.

If there is a radiology-specific protocol for imaging:

  • A copy (preferably of the imaging manual, if available) must be given to the supervisor of the appropriate area of radiology to compare to existing protocols.
  • If it differs greatly and the study is to be read by a staff radiologist, the radiologist must give approval for implementing the protocol in keeping with our high-quality imaging standards.

Special radiologist reading requirements

RECIST, WHO or RANO: Fees apply per area-of-interest (for example, chest, abdomen and pelvis CTs each will be charged separately if all three areas are needed; if no lesions are identified, both target and/or non-target, no fee on that particular body part will be charged). Rates are as posted in CRFA Budgetmaker (login required).

RECIST and other special read costs: please include in your budget.

When scheduling a patient for a radiology study that requires RECIST or other special reading, please use:

  • Study-specific request form for research (i.e., CT or MRI Requisition Form)
  • Clinical or standard of care scans: Attach with clinical requisition form the RECIST Read Requisition for Standard of Care.

If possible, please alert the Radiology Research Office ( or 714-456-8516) of an upcoming special read request.